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The first interfaith sanctuary in Sri Lanka is the Ambuluwawa Biodiversity Complex. At the peak of the Ambuluwawa mountain is Ambuluwawa Tower.

I've witnessed it frequently. You can't miss it if you're traveling by car or train up to Nuwara Eliya; it's an enormous white tower perched atop an oddly pointed mountain close to Gampola. (700 meters above Gampola town, at 1,087 meters above sea level). It is the mountain in Gampola's backyard.

It is referred to as a "biodiversity and multi-faith center" and is an hour and a half away.

With mountains in every direction and such coolness, who wouldn't want to spend a minute in the skies above? It would definitely bring some sense of tranquility to our hectic lives.

Ambuluwawa, which offers a breathtaking 360-degree outlook, is sure to astound anyone who makes it to the top of the tower. On a misty day, Ambuluwawa Mountain can be seen clearly to the east of Pidurutalagala Mountain, Bathalegala (Bible Rock) Mountain to the west, Sri Pada Mountain (Adam's Peak) to the south, and the Knuckles Mountain Range to the north.

Tower of Ambuluwawa and the View

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Other mountains visible from the top of Ambuluwawa Hill include Nelligala Mountain, Alagalla Mountain, Kadugannawa Mountain, Hanthana Mountain, Hunnasgiriya Mountain, and the entire hills of the Nuwara Eliya area. The Mahaweli River and its surrounding farms enhance the area's charm.

Over 250 types of creepers and plants, including flowering plants like Iramusu, Muva Kiriya, and nawa handi, may be found in the Ambuluwawa Forest Reserve.

More about Ambuluwawa Tower

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In Sinhala, Ambuluwawa Tower is referred to as "Govi Jana Seya." 

You can climb the stupa's 48 m high conical construction, which is a stunning edifice. 

When you climb to the top of this stupa, which is not present in any other Buddhist temple, many observation decks have been built so that you can take in the breathtaking surroundings that are only seen from Ambuluwawa hill's summit. 

The stairs become narrower and take on a spiral pattern as you go up them.

On December 18, 2006, the Ambulawawa Biodiversity Complex was made accessible to the general public. 

On top of the hill, Ambuluwawa was constructed based on an idea from the honorable Minister D. M. Jayaratne. 

Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa, who was Sri Lanka's fifth executive president at the time, gave it a formal opening. 

Sri Lanka's first multi-religious sanctuary is the Ambuluwawa Biodiversity Complex, which has Hindu Kovils, Muslim Mosques, and a Christian Chapel. 

The Ambuluwawa temple complex is characterized by a substantial spiraling tower that looks like a stylised Buddhist stupa.

 How to get to Directions to Ambuluwawa

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From Colombo to Ambuluwawa: There is a 28.1 km short route through Ginihappitiya Hemmatagama that would bypass Kandy and Gampola, which is a 43 km route, if you were coming from Colombo. It's not difficult to go to the carpeted road.

If you're traveling from Colombo by train, you can alight at the Gampola Railway Station while taking in the scenery. Additionally, a bus from Colombo can take you to Gampola.

There are 24.8 kilometers between Kandy to Ambuluwawa. You must first get to Gampola if you're traveling by public transportation. Ambuluwawa Mountain Hill is 5.2 kilometres from Gampola Railway Station. Finding a taxi or tuk-tuk or taxi from Gampola town to Ambuluwawa temple.

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The main gate is open every day of the week from 8:30 am to 6 pm. Between the entrance and the mountain's summit, there are roughly 2.5 to 3 kilometres. To get to the top, you can drive, take a TUK TUK, or walk.

When is the best time to visit Ambuluwawa Tower?

The best time to visit Ambuluwawa is in the morning. You will be able to avoid the crowds while enjoying the glorious sun. With both domestic and foreign guests, it is getting more and busier.

Price of admission to Ambuluwawa Tower

Local visitor: 50 LKR;

foreign visitor: 400 LKR (USD 2)

Ambuluwawa's entrance cost is LKR 50.

Ambuluwawa Biodiversity Complex's address

ICC Road in Ambuluwawa, Sri Lanka is home to the Ambuluwawa Biodiversity Complex.

Don't miss to visit this hottest place

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